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Here's what real people have to say:

‘In the four weeks since the Well for Work program I feel better and have more energy’
‘Useful practical advice that’s easy to incorporate into my day’
‘Well for Work offers realistic and achievable tips to implement into day to day office life.
‘Simple, clear, positive advice Well for Work is brilliant!’
‘Timo was a very energetic and enthusiastic presenter which made it highly enjoyable’
‘An inspiring program that makes you want to change your lifestyle straight away’

Here is what real executives have to say:

Better life balance amongst a frenetic corporate life

As a CFO I lead a frenetic corporate life. Timo's coaching and advice has help me achieve many health and fitness goals which help me maintain a better life balance and manage stress, which is excessive in my executive corporate roles. Timo is cognizant of this and tailors recommendations as required to ensure I do not burn. In other words he helps me to get the right balance, which in my belief, is not easy.

Luisa Catanzaro, CFO

Timo truly transformed my life

Before I started with Timo, my life was typically lop sided - I have a stressful job, work hard, long hours and I was seriously overweight. Timo helped me lose weight, regain health and enhance my ability to cope. Timo has a unique approach to health and makes it very realistic in the very busy schedule I lead. He is supportive, enthusiastic, committed and gets results.

Peter Waters, Senior Partner Gilbert and Tobin

Amazing depth and insight into health and wellness

Timo is an expert on wellness and simple ways to help manage the realities of work-life and the absolute need to take care of oneself. I am a busy executive and I travel a great deal but Timo has helped me achieve great personal results across many aspects including mental management, physical fitness and overall wellbeing. Timo is realistic about life's challenges and has a good grasp on what people go through, particularly trying to get that balance between busy lifestyles, work stress and sorting out one's general health and wellbeing.

Di Saker

High levels of excellence

Timo has proved to be extremely professional with a very broad range of skills which makes him an expert in his field. We have achieved outstanding results through his programs. He has provided practical advice in such areas as managing stress, achieving a better work/life balance and general well being. Timo uses innovative concepts and methods to meet goals to achieve high levels of excellence we strive for.

Roma Gryst, Strategic Change Management Consultant

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